Not a Boring Life

Oct 13 2011

I’m sailing away……

So Julie had given me a present for sailing for two on the Chesapeake Bay from Xperience Days.  Basically it sells activities from tours to adventure days (one was for a flying lesson which I did before moving to NC).  We waited for the weather to get warm and a good weekend to make our way out to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and get out on the water.

We made our base of operations for our sailing day Washington DC and it was a short drive to Annapolis and over the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  After passing through farmland and Chestertown on the Eastern Shore, we started to get hungry.  Luckily for us, we were able to find a cool local spot to eat for cheap.  It was part of a farm that had a small restaurant inside along with a produce stand (unfortunately, I can’t find a website for it or remember the name), but believe me it was good country cooking.

Our sailing adventure was to set sail from Rock Hall, MD and the Blue Crab Chesapeake Charters was the host.  We got there early, so we had to wait around the Waterman’s Crab House which was kind enough to let me use the restroom before they were even open.  Eventually about five minutes before departure time Captain Mark showed up and looked every bit of an old salty dog.  He welcomed us aboard and we got underway.  On the way out of the harbor we saw some ospreys and their nests (very impressive in person).

Once out on the Chesapeake, we learned a little bit about the boat and area.  There were two other couples aboard - middle-aged from PA and young from DC.  We just said we were from DC too, as to not confuse them why someone would come all the way from NC.  After a while, he invited people to come steer and I naturally volunteered for duty.  We just had to make sure were navigated around all of the crab trap buoys in the water.  I got to put on a captain’s hat and take the wheel.  While I was steering, the good Capt. Mark got a phone call.  Apparently, he was selling one of his competition sailing boats and he was able to finalize the deal.  Once he was firmly back in control of the ship, he showed off his small cannon that shot out a shotgun sail (we were true pirates).  And so it was finally time to head back in.

Not ready to call it a day and head back to DC, we stopped off in Chestertown, MD on the way back.  This colonial town still has a charming main street and downtown area.  We caught the tail end of the weekly farmer’s market and Julie bought some home-made soap and scrunchies.  We walked around the town and saw part of Washington College.  Near there we followed a line of geese and ducks until we find that a little girl had started feeding them and then thought the better of it once she was surrounded.  We stopped a the soda fountain for a drink and then had some lunch (crabcake sandwich for me naturally).  Unfortunately it was time to head back because we were all tired, but with the knowledge that we had a real Maryland experience.

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